Turtle (of Learning Curve) – Heartistry


My good friend and prolific indie rapper Turtle has released his first solo album Heartistry, which I mixed and mastered at The Eye Socket.

The album covers all kinds of ground lyrically and musically and features guest appearances by some of the finest names in the L.A. underground: Johanna Phraze, Equalknox of Rezawrekting tha Dead, Magz and Laloe of the HumanBeings, Odder and Nykwill of Lost Animals, Nathan Nice, and Turtle’s fellow Learning Curve member Bakus.

Get the album from Amazon (CD or MP3) or iTunes.

Turtle – The Hunt

Face to Face in Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero 5

Face to Face, my old friends and frequent collaborators, have finally arrived. Their classic song “Disconnected” is featured in Activision’s Guitar Hero 5, on sale now.

“Disconnected” was recorded before my time with the band, but I did have a hand in preparing the audio stems for the game from the original multitrack recordings.

New music from Faith and the Muse – :tatsu: ep

:tatsu: ep
:tatsu: ep

My good friends Faith and the Muse have released a limited edition (1,000 copies) EP with four new songs from their forthcoming album and an exclusive remix. I mixed and mastered the tracks here at The Eye Socket, and they deliver all the ferocious grandeur and beauty FATM fans have come to expect.

Get the :tatsu: ep on CD at The Mercyground.

Faith and the Muse – Blessed

Jonie Blinman – “Point A” EP available

Point A
Point A

Jonie Blinman, the intrepid folk/rock artist (and my little sister) has released her first EP, which I mixed and mastered at The Eye Socket.

Recorded with her band the Muckrakers (now renamed Red Car Slow), Point A showcases Jonie’s distinctive voice and songwriting style with the band’s unique chemistry. The songs are available by digital download from her artist page at NoisyPlanet, Amazon and iTunes.

Jonie Blinman – She Goes

Real Space Noise – Radio Method on bandcamp.com

The album Radio Method is now available for streaming and download from bandcamp. You can embed players (widgets) in your site and downloads are available in multiple formats including hi-res mp3, ogg vorbis, FLAC and Apple Lossless.  Lo-res mp3 downloads are free. Visit music.realspacenoise.com.