I am a recording engineer/mixer, music producer, electronic musician and college professor.

I’ve worked on a lot of different kinds of records, mostly in various forms of rock and electronic music. I have an idiosyncratically equipped personal studio called The Eye Socket that has been host to many of those projects.

I have an ongoing sci-fi electro-rock project called Real Space Noise. I am also a member of Viva Death, an alternative rock project in which I provide noises, samples and sound design.  I have an occasional music production project with Trever Keith called The Legion of Doom that does remixes, mashups, original music, and scoring and sound design for film and tv.

I am a partner in the independent label/collective Functional Equivalent Recordings, established in 2005.  FER has released records by Real Space Noise, Viva Death, and Tate Eskew.

I started out experimenting with electronic music and home recording in the 1980s, working with synthesizers and computers, and playing drums in some bands.  I spent most of the 1990s and 2000s in recording studios.  I learned the craft of recording in the days of analog tape and large consoles, when the birth of Pro Tools was still a few years off.  When affordable digital recording systems came along, I took advantage (like many others) and built a small studio of my own.

Music has always been my primary focus, but for several years I did quite a lot of voiceover recording and ADR (dialogue replacement) at The Complex Studios and Wilshire Stages in Los Angeles.  I worked regularly on The Simpsons, Futurama and King of the Hill, and many other TV shows and feature films.

I’ve toured throughout the U.S. and much of Europe, playing drums in a few different bands, keyboards in a couple others, and mixing front-of-house sound.  I’ve never been a particularly skilled drummer, although I could always be relied on not to play anything too complicated.  I’m also not a particularly good keyboard player and can’t really play guitar at all.  My specialty has always been using the studio as my instrument, to compose and create and sculpt sound.

Since 2010 I have served as Assistant Professor of Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music and Faculty Advisor and General Manager of the Berklee Internet Radio Network.