The Legion of Doom vs. Skillet – available now

Skillet – Awake and Remixed

Atlantic Records released the remix EP Awake and Remixed digitally on March 22. The EP comprises four remixes from the album Awake by ridiculously huge Christian rock band Skillet, including one by The Legion of Doom. (The other three remixes have fancy names, but the remixers aren’t credited, so we have no idea who did them.)

Listen to “Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix)” here:

Skillet – Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix)

You can grab the track (or the whole EP) from iTunes or Amazon.

New Album: The Legion of Doom vs Triune

The Legion of Doom vs Triune

The long-awaited album The Legion of Doom vs Triune has been released! The story behind this album’s release is a long one…suffice it to say that after sitting on it for way too long, our esteemed distributor has finally (and unceremoniously) unleashed it on the world. They were supposed to release CDs, but they didn’t. (Digital downloads only.) They were supposed to do some promotion, but they didn’t. (Not a peep, even on their website.) Thanks, guys — great work!

The story behind the album itself is a better one: Trever Keith and I (aka the Legion of Doom) made a record with Triune — prolific rap battle veteran, member of Footsoldiers, and one of the premier emcees of the Los Angeles underground. Triune brought his rhymes and one-of-a-kind delivery, and some friends (Raphi, Motoe Blizzid, HS Couture, Xhale and Addicus Brown). We brought loads of samples from old public domain film soundtracks, original instrumentation and our signature Legion beats and production. This collision of talent and styles yielded a record that is part hip-hop, part trip-hop, part indie rap, part indie rock. This is not a typical hip-hop record.

The Legion of Doom vs Triune is available now from Amazon, iTunes, and most other major download providers.

The Legion of Doom on Pathology OST

Pathology OST

The soundtrack for the film Pathology features the track “Unintended Consequences,” from the upcoming The Legion of Doom vs Triune album.  (Get the soundtrack from Amazon on CD or MP3.)

The DVD of the film (get it here) includes the music video in the special features (watch the video at YouTube).

Visit for more.

The Legion of Doom vs Triune – Unintended Consequences

The Legion of Doom on Resident Evil: Extinction OST

Resident Evil:  Extinction
Resident Evil: Extinction

The motion picture soundtrack for Resident Evil: Extinction (CD or MP3 from includes two exclusive new Legion of Doom remixes:

“I’m So Sick (T-Virus Remix)”
Flyleaf vs The Legion of Doom

“One Love (Extinction Remix)”
Aiden vs The Legion of Doom

The Flyleaf remix was used to create a brilliant machinima video by Baron Soosdon. The video won the first place award for Best Music Video in the 2008 Online Machinima Film Festival.