Not a photo of me.

I am a recording engineer/mixer, music producer, electronic musician and college professor. I have been doing at least some of those things for over thirty years now, and have amassed a fairly respectable list of credits in that time.  Since 2010 I have served as Assistant Professor of Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music and Faculty Advisor and General Manager of the Berklee Internet Radio Network.

I’ve worked on a lot of different kinds of records, but my main focus has been various forms of rock and electronic music. I have an idiosyncratically equipped personal studio called The Eye Socket that has been host to many of those projects.

As a music maker I have an ongoing sci-fi/electro-rock project called Real Space Noise. I am also a member of Viva Death, an alternative rock project in which I provide noises, samples and sound design.  I have a music production project with Trever Keith called The Legion of Doom that occasionally does remixes, mashups, original music, and scoring and sound design for film and tv.

I am a partner in the independent label/collective Functional Equivalent Recordings, established in 2005.  FER has released records by Real Space Noise, Viva Death, and Tate Eskew.

For several years I did quite a lot of voiceover recording and ADR (dialogue replacement) at The Complex Studios and Wilshire Stages in Los Angeles.  I worked regularly on The Simpsons, Futurama and King of the Hill, and quite a few other TV shows and feature films.

I do a bit of writing, and I’m gradually using this site to expand those efforts (see the blog section).

I’ve toured throughout the U.S. and much of Europe, playing drums in a few different bands, keyboards in a couple others, and mixing front-of-house sound.  I’ve never been a particularly skilled drummer, although I could always be relied on not to play anything too complicated.  I’m also not a particularly good keyboard player and a complete hack of a guitarist.