The Eye Socket is the name of my personal studio: the ever-changing work space and collection of recording equipment and instruments that I use to make records.

The original Eye Socket, established in Los Angeles in 1992, was the private studio of my band at the time (called Eyeball) and was equipped with little more than a four-track cassette recorder, a PC-based MIDI sequencer and a few synths and samplers.  In 1995 I expanded the Eye Socket into a proper business and began making records for clients with 16 tracks of digital recording, an automated digital mixer and a larger (but still modest) collection of other gear. In its “classic” Venice Beach location (1995 – 2009), the Eye Socket grew into a quite capable recording studio – its heart a Mac-based DAW with 26 channels of Lucid and Crane Song I/O – and was home to many musical projects and hijinks. I have built and rebuilt and revised and relocated the studio multiple times – equipment, layout, wiring, patch bay, acoustic treatments, computer software – making the studio itself a kind of perpetual recording project.

IMG_2019Now in its sixth incarnation and located in New England, The Eye Socket Mk VI is a powerful composition and mixing suite well tailored to my working style and idiosyncrasies.  Its central recording and mixing system is a Mac Pro with two UA Apollo 16s and a Crane Song HEDD-192, feeding an SPL 2384 analog summing mixer.  This is surrounded by an array of instruments, recording equipment and noise machines all wired up and ready to play.


I use a lot of common equipment and software (Logic and Pro Tools, Izotope, Universal Audio, Native Instruments, SoundToys, Brainworx, Valhalla DSP, et al), but the more esoteric hardware pieces are my favorites:

Hammond F-100 “Extravoice” analog organ/synth
Wurlitzer 555 “Funmaker” organ (with Orbit III analog synth)
Roland CR-78 analog drumbox with Kenton MIDI retrofit
Yamaha SS30 analog string synthesizer
Yamaha SK15 analog symphonic ensemble synthesizer

Waldorf Q Rack (32 voice) digital synthesizer
Waldorf Microwave XT digital synthesizer
Clavia Nord Rack 2 digital synthesizer
Access Virus Indigo 2 digital synthesizer
Eowave Ribbon controller/synthesizer
Oberheim Matrix-1000 analog synthesizer
Kurzweil K2500RS digital sampler
Ensoniq EPS-16+ digital sampler
Ensoniq Mirage-DSK digital sampler

Klemt Echolette NG-51 S tape echo
Tesla Echolana 2 tape echo
Maestro Echoplex EP-3 tape echo
Master Room XL-305 spring reverb
Master Room CSR-3 reverb system
Bandive Great British Spring Reverb
Furman RV-1 spring reverb
Sherman Filterbank 2
ZVex and EH pedals
GB Equipments and Astatic microphones

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