The Deep Eynde – Spell*Bound

The Deep Eynde - Spellbound

My friends The Deep Eynde have just released their new album Spell*Bound on Fiendforce Records in Germany. In the label’s words, “The legendary Hollywood Death-rockers are back with their darkest album to date. Punk meets Goth and becomes a masterpiece!” I would say this record is rather less “punk” than their previous two, and in some ways a return to the dark romantic sound of their earlier work — but with a warmer, wider sound, driven by live rock energy.

I produced, recorded, and mixed the record, and played keyboards on several tracks. Singer/lyricist Fate Fatal is at the top of his game, the band is excellent, and guest appearances by Gitane Demone add another dimension toward the end of the album. I’m very proud of this one.

The Deep Eynde – The Stranger Among Us

Recording notes: We tracked drums, bass, and the first guitar part all together, in two days at Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood (see the photos page). We returned there for another two days of electric and acoustic guitar overdubs, then moved to The Eye Socket (in Venice) for vocals, keyboards, sound effects and mixing. Production was interrupted when I had to pack everything up and move to Boston at the end of last year (see this post). After rebuilding my studio in Boston, I completed the mixing and mastering at The Eye Socket mk V.

Spell*Bound is available from Interpunk and Amazon and should be available from digital stores soon. Find more info on the band’s facebook and myspace pages.