Why I will never see the film ‘Titanic’

Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is in it.

It all started quite innocently.

The twentieth century was coming to an end. James Cameron’s insanely expensive 1997 romance/disaster film Titanic was the biggest thing ever, dazzling housewives and teenage girls everywhere and out-grossing every other perfectly respectable highest-grossing-movie-ever by a comfortable margin.

It was the first film ever to earn more than a billion dollars at the box office. It won eleven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, and scores of other awards. Celine Dion had a worldwide #1 megahit (and a Grammy, of course) with that wretched song, and the (mostly orchestral) soundtrack album sold over eleven million copies in the U.S. alone. The TV ads were relentless. People wouldn’t shut up about it. The film was #1 for fifteen consecutive weeks in the U.S. (still a record) and stayed in theaters for the better part of a year. It held the record for highest worldwide box office for twelve years — until Cameron’s own Avatar beat it in 2010.

I didn’t see it.

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Listen to my radio show “Laboratory X” on the birn

Laboratory X
Laboratory X
Laboratory X

My new radio show Laboratory X broadcasts live every Wednesday (now Thursday!) Monday, 9-11pm Eastern Time, on channel birn1 of the Berklee Internet Radio Network. The birn is student-run, musician radio from Berklee College of Music, broadcasting around the clock on five channels. Listen anywhere in the world!

Every week I’ll be playing selections from the darker side of rock and electronic music: modern indie, electronica and post-rock, late seventies/early eighties post-punk and new wave, classic rock, psychedelia and more, all threaded together with bits of film music, exotica, and other unstable ingredients. I’ll be talking about record production, technology, inspiration, invention, and other geekery, with weekly themes, unknown variables and unpredictable outcomes. Tune in every Wednesday Thursday Monday night and be part of an ongoing (and possibly quite dangerous) radio experiment!

Visit the Laboratory X show page for more information.

Monica Richards – The Strange Familiar EP

The Strange Familiar EP

Multimedia performance artist, creative superforce and ex-D.C. punk Monica Richards has released a new solo EP entitled The Strange Familiar, which I co-produced, mixed and mastered at the Eye Socket.

A preview of her forthcoming album NAIADES, the EP showcases Monica at her best, effortlessly commanding a colorful landscape of orchestral majesty, gothic rock, and electronica, with her distinctive voice front and center. The EP includes an exclusive remix (also done by me) of the song “A Good Thing” from Monica’s previous solo album Infrawarrior.

Order The Strange Familiar on import CD (signed!) directly from Monica’s site, or download from CD Baby.

Stop telling me the album is dead.

broken record
Is it over?

Analysts and commentators in the music business are a gloomy bunch. Dogged by devils around every corner, they’ve foretold the death of their industry since its birth. Rapid changes in the way musical product is composed, recorded, manufactured and distributed — brought about by constantly advancing technology — have made the record business a tumultuous one, giving recording companies plenty of reasons to worry along the way. Now, many believe technology finally is bringing about the end of the recording industry, and that its first victim is the album format that dominated the second half of the twentieth century.

They are wrong, again.

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Metallspürhunde – Moloch

Metallspürhunde - Moloch

The new album Moloch by the Swiss electro-rock band Metallspürhunde was released April 8 on Danse Macabre Records.

On this album, the newly streamlined band (following the departure of two members) shifted their sound away from the gothic metal emphasis of their previous work. Their new sound combines hard electro beats and aggressive synthesizers with rock guitar and a touch of eighties synthpop, with sinister vocals (in German as always). The band recorded in their own studio and sent the tracks to The Eye Socket, where I did some additional production and mixed the album.

Metallspürhunde – Gespenster

Moloch has spent several weeks already in the Deutschen Alternative Charts and is receiving excellent reviews. Congratulations to the band!

The album is available by MP3 download from Amazon and as an import CD, in a single-disc edition and a limited deluxe edition with bonus remix disc.