Bonus Jones

Who is Bonus Jones?

After more than a decade spent languishing in the deep archives of The Eye Socket, these extraordinary and enigmatic tracks have been unearthed and uploaded to the careful custody of bandcamp. Unlimited streaming and free high-res downloads are available at

Saros – Labyrinth (…and we shall all die trying)



My good friend Joerg Huettner has released a new Saros record entitled Labyrinth (…and we shall all die trying).  It’s a seamless album of ambient downtempo instrumental electronica, composed for a Berlin art exhibition featuring Canadian artist Richard A. Kirk and Benelux-based artist Raf Veulemans.

We did the CD mastering and graphic layout (a gorgeous CD package with six panels of Kirk’s artwork from the exhibit and a fold-out poster) here at The Eye Socket.  Get the CD at CD Baby or download the record digitally from Magnatune.

FER videos on Vimeo

FER logoFunctional Equivalent Recordings has uploaded the Real Space Noise and Viva Death videos to Vimeo, a video site with an emphasis on video and audio quality. Now you can watch the videos online, embed them in your own site, share them with friends, etc., in a streaming format that is actually pretty respectable.

The Legion of Doom on Pathology OST

Pathology OST


The soundtrack for the film Pathology features the track “Unintended Consequences,” from the upcoming The Legion of Doom vs Triune album.  (Get the soundtrack from Amazon on CD or MP3.)

The DVD of the film (get it here) includes the music video in the special features (watch the video at YouTube).

Visit for more.

The Legion of Doom vs Triune – Unintended Consequences